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Your Own Board of Directors​

Your “sounding board” will provide advice and feedback from experienced business owners. They will hold you accountable to get things done.

New Ideas and Approaches

You get to tap into the ideas and approaches of other business owners, people who know what it’s like to operate a business. You can bounce your ideas off them to see if you are crazy or not.

Practical Business Knowledge

Group members must have at least 3 years of business ownership. The members represent a broad range of business experience. Diversity generates creativity which leads to new ideas.

Innovative Problem Solving

The varied experiences of the members provide new ways of looking at old business problems. Sometimes we develop blinders and can’t see different ways of doing things.

The Power of Business Friends

The discussions are totally confidential and the members learn to trust each other totally and become close advisors and friends. Members learn from each other.

Increase Personal Efficiency

Members learn from each other how to be better delegators and more efficient and effective, leading to improved profits for their business and more free time for themselves.

Thinking of becoming a member?