Code Of Ethics


The object of Business Round Table is to provide a method whereby the group members help each other achieve a more rewarding and fulfilling life. This is done by assisting each other in solving business and personal problems and to maximize opportunities.


Confidentiality – I am pledged to absolute confidentiality regarding all information about my fellow group members – now and forever more.

Commitment – I am committed to the objectives and principles of Business Round Table. I attend the meetings and participate fully.

Trust – I am trustworthy and I strive to trust completely the other members of my group.

Disclosure – Although I have no obligation for disclosure, I realize that in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the advice and counsel of my fellow group members, all the facts must be told – not just the good ones.

Caring – I sincerely care about the well-being of my Business Round Table group friends.

Acceptance – I know that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes but I promise not to sit in judgment of my fellow group members. I respect and accept them for themselves, not just their achievements.