Our Mission
Helping business owners to help each other have happier personal lives and more successful businesses. We are there for those who want to be in business for themselves but not just by themselves.

How it works
Business owners are recruited into membership (there are membership fees). They are placed in a group with about 10 other owners, carefully selected so there are no conflicts of interest among the group members. Each member signs a Confidentiality Contract, promising never to disclose anything that is discussed in a group meeting. Under the guidance of BRT staff, the group meets once per month for about three hours to discuss business (and sometimes personal) problems, challenges and opportunities. The whole idea is to allow each member to tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the group to help prevent mistakes, solve business situations and maximize their opportunities. Business Round Table provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to confidentially discuss with their peers business matters of importance to them. They can bounce ideas off the others, get new ideas about solving old problems, and share each other’s experiences in order to help each other become more successful in business. Benefits include:

  • Sounding Board – Being able to bounce things off trusted advisors to see what they think of your ideas or problems.
  • New Ideas – tapping into the creative ideas of others.
  • Business Knowledge and Information – Accessing the expertise of other business people.
  • Problem Solving – using the collective wisdom of the group to help solve your business problems.
  • New Business Friends and Fun – a special bond builds between the members of the group and they enjoy being together.
  • Increase Personal Efficiency – Learn from others how to say “no”, get out of things and delegate more effectively. All this helps free up time for yourself.

Thank You for your interest in Business Round Table.
We have provided 3 ways for you to apply to join a group:

  1. Download and print the Microsoft Word version. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can download the free viewer program by clicking HERE.
  2. Download and print the Adobe PDF version. If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader, you can download the free viewer program by clicking HERE.
  3. Proceed to the Online Application Form below. At a minimum fill out the fields marked with a red *. Once you click I AGREE, an email with all the provided information will be sent directly to the BRT Admin.

Personal Information

Contact Information

Business Information

Qualification Questionnaire

  1. Does an immediate family member own a business? *
    If yes, please complete the following
  2. What is your primary reason for joining Business Round Table? (Select all that apply)*
  3. What special business attributes can you offer Business Round Table? (i.e. solid understanding of business? finacial abilities?)*