Paul Robichaud, 22 Year Member

WIS International

Just a few words .. When I joined BRT I completed the GOAL WORKBOOK. This was at the first retreat where you stepped us through the exercises of LONG TERM GOALS, STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE and the WISH LIST. I would admit that I did not complete the actual document until months later as I felt it required reflection. On occasion, I have revisited the document with updates. Today is one of those days, sitting on a flight and Blackberry battery is dead. As I read it through I choose to modify my Mission Statement by one word. It still feels as appropriate today as it did 5 years ago. The GOALS are particularly interesting as the projections I had set aside for 2014 are accomplished. This would suggest my perspective of what was achievable has to changed. (pessimist or optimist??) It just feels go to acknowledge that how far I have come. The WISH LIST is fun. So far, I have checked off 18 of those 31 things I wanted to do. Some of the remaining seem lofty, but you never know. ,,,and I added two more to the list today. Anyway, .. the purpose of my writing is to thank you for creating the vehicle and motivation! Regardless of how long I remain a BRT member, (I have no plan to leave anytime soon. SMILE) I am sure I will keep this list as a part of my life for many years. I also hope my message serves to remind you that you are leaving your footprint on many business owners.