Welcome to Business Round Table…


Small-business owners join Business Round Table where they are placed in a group with about 10 other business owners, carefully selected so there are no conflicts of interest. They sign a Confidentiality Contract promising never to disclose anything discussed within their group. Each group meets once a month for about three hours, following a structured format, and using the collective wisdom of the group, the members help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and maximize their opportunities. They act as each other’s Personal Board of Directors. They are sometimes referred to as a Mastermind Group.

Business Round Table started in Moncton twenty-nine years ago. At present, there are more than 125 members. There are 11 BRT groups in Moncton and it is now operating in the greater Halifax area with Paul Roy. Under the guidance of John Schrempf, BRT is now operating in Barrie, ON. Ram Sundar is the latest franchisee in Etobicoke, ON. There are 2 groups in Nova Scotia so far. Membership is open to experienced entrepreneurs (those who have a financial interest in a business for 5 or more years and are involved in the management of it).

Guided Mutual Mentoring for Small-business Owners – Contact us at 506-857-8177