For over three decades, Business Round Table (BRT) has been dedicated to empowering business owners by fostering an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and trust. 

Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in making informed decisions, optimizing their work strategies, and cultivating meaningful relationships within a confidential, non-competitive setting. 

Through our structured monthly group meetings comprised of local business owners in non-competing industries, we ensure efficiency and time effectiveness, providing a platform for open dialogue, problem-solving, and peer support. 

The cornerstone of the BRT experience is our annual retreat, where members immerse themselves away from the daily grind to focus on the fundamental pillars of business success: growth, stability, and the bottom line. 

At BRT, we believe in the power of collective wisdom and the strength of a supportive community, enabling business owners to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.


In the future, Business Round Table envisions a growing ecosystem where our community of business owners continues to thrive through collaboration and innovation. 

We foresee leveraging technologies to facilitate connections among entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada and beyond. 

Our commitment to fostering growth, stability, and sustainable business practices will remain unwavering, as we evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our members in an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced business world.